How Do i Lose Belly Fat and Tone up? 

So you think doing a 100 sit ups a day will lose your belly fat....Wrong!

Why is this?

Yes doing abdominal exercises such as sit ups will strengthen your waist but having them lovely toned "6 pack" muscles will not show underneath the layer of fat.

Also you need to be doing other abdominal exercises. Doing the same movement such as sit ups all the time can make the stomach wall thicker and cause other "core" muscles that support the spine weaker as these muscles over compensate.

You cannot spot reduce body fat....I wish it was that easy!

You need to lose over all body fat. To do this you need to eat more healthier (see the nutrition page) and work on cardiovascular training, High intensity training and weight training.

Working on the larger muscle groups such as the legs (Quads and Hams) and back will use up alot more calories rather than a small muscle group such as your arms.

Exercises such as squats, lunges and classes such as metafit and kettlecise will get you a flat stomach in no time!