The Ultimate Workout

It's important that you get the most out of your workouts. Planning your exercise and rest

days for the week will help ensure they happen! When is the best time to exercise? Whenever you can fit it in! Whether it's a 30 minute jog or a class at the local gym - it's keeping you body in movement and burning those calories! If you are going to do a home or gym work out, then plan your session. You can use one of our programs for this, or create your own.

Get together with friends for an afternoon hike instead of that beer garden meet up or workout with a friend! It's important to live an active lifestyle which incorporates regular exercise, but it's also important to enjoy yourself! Find something you like doing and keep it varied. Maybe try Zumba with a friend on a Tuesday, a swim on a Thursday, a Saturday morning run and a Sunday hike with the family?

The Lean Queens Ladies train together once a week and try a different gym or vary the activity each time. Take a leaf out of their book... and remember to have fun!



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