Why FAT is your friend!

Fats, found in many food products; from butter, to nuts, olives, cheese and some meats. Fats are

often labelled as “do not touch when dieting” thanks to the many b*shit (excuse me) diet plans that have been on the market. Certain fats are absolutely essential nutrients for the body.

Without a doubt fats are the most important macro nutrient because without them vitamins such as A,D,E,K cannot be absorbed by the body. Fats are essential for the production of essential hormones and form the structural components of healthy cells vital for regulating many functions in the body such as sex hormones! Extremely low calorie diets or crash diets can negatively affect a women’s menstrual cycle (first hand experience and a 16 month battle right here!). Fats also help to provide healthy hair and skin and also help fight anxiety and depression!

The Good, The Great & The Ugly - What You Need To Know:

Saturated Fat - solid at room temperature

Found in animal products like milk, cheese, butter and meat; and oils such as coconut and cocoa butter. These are good for you in small quantities as they can raise your cholesterol if you consume too much of it.

Unsaturated Fat - liquid at room temperature

This should be the more favorably consumed fat as it can improve your overall cholesterol. There are two types: mono - found in avocado, nuts and olive oil, which can lower bad cholesterol levels and raise good cholesterol levels; poly - found in sunflower oil and seafood, which can lower bad cholesterol levels and are full of essential omega acids!

Trans Fat - avoid at all costs!

Man-made, via a process called hydrogenation in order to increase the shelf life of food products! Gross! This fat is made to be more solid than saturated fats, which is why that pie crust is so beautifully flaky! For a healthy diet, try to avoid trans fats. They are found in pretty much all processed items, snack foods, cookies, crackers, (most things which come in a foil wrapper!) margarine, dressings and unfortunately... most of those favourite prepacked supermarket items!!

Lean Queens Online promotes a healthy, balanced diet plan which is personalised to you. We believe this is the only way to diet, as it teaches a maintainable, healthy food regime for life.

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