Kit's Lean Queens Success!!

We have never been so excited, and literally, we are so proud to be writing this post. Kit has made more progress than she ever expected in just over three months. ::: Two and a half stone... now gone!!!

Kit started the Lean Queens Diet and Workout plan at the end of August and has used it to it's full potential. Before the plan she was a UK size 20, and now has dropped to a size 16, where she is very happy. Kit works full time, has a family, a house to run, a husband to feed - not to mention the farm animals!!

Kit doesn't have access to a gym. She has taken up walking as a hobby and now has a good hour's stroll most days. On days off work, she walks with friends. When at home she uses the Lean Queens Workouts - and does them in her sitting room whilst watching the soaps!

Kit has suffered with arthritic knee pain for years, but lifting the weight has eased this and made life much more comfortable. Her exercise regime is low impact and something that she enjoys.

Kit now has more knowledge about the values of food and has a better understanding of how to feed her body properly. She looks forward to enjoying Christmas and then maintaining her new figure in the new year with the help of Lean Queens Online.

She says 'the diet plan is so simple and easy to stick to'. 'I now look at food in a completely different light'. 'Kerrie and Sarah have been so supportive'. 'Now I feel amazing, I feel like I have a new lease of life! I am so proud of my progress and I hope I am an inspiration to others'.

We're with you all the way Kit - amen to that!!


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