Alice's Success Story... 100% Dedication - Right Here!!!

The Lean Queens Ladies are SO, SO, proud of Alice. One of our very first members, Alice started Lean Queens Online back in September. From the start, Alice committed herself to the diet plan - and she has achieved the results that she well and truly deserves.

Each week that has gone by, Alice as logged in her progress for us on the online portal, and she has gone over and above what we asked.

Great meal plans have been achieved and she has kept that body active! The results of the have been a 10kg weight loss... that's over 1.5 stone - gone!!!!

We bumped into Alice at a charity event a couple of weeks ago. Just wow. Alice - you are looking absolutely stunning. Happy, toned, full of energy - and your skin is glowing. Truly well done to you. The hard work has paid off and you SO deserve it.

Alice says...

"I have tried to do diets before and they have never worked. But this one worked for me. I originally just signed up for September to see if I could lose weight and tone up. For that price I thought I may as well give it ago. I then carried it on through to December. Having to log what I was eating, exercise I was doing, and knowing people were going to look at it made me not be able to ‘cheat’."

"I originally thought it would be hard, but after a couple of days it was fine. There are recipes and examples of what you can and can’t eat which makes it a lot easier to follow for the first couple of days, you soon get to know what you can and can’t have."

"I thought the hardest bit would be not having any refined sugar, I was amazed how quickly my body got used to not having it." "Kerrie and Sarah worked out my daily calorie intake. In the first couple of weeks I wasn’t reaching the amount I should of at all which surprised me. It meant I could eat more, and I kept losing weight."

"Once I got into a routine I really enjoyed doing the 4 types of exercise a week it has definitely improved my fitness and I have also toned up." "I have a lot more energy than I used to."

Alice is now using the basic foundations for good eating which she has learnt from Lean Queens Online in her day to day life. She says "I now try to drink a lot more water to keep my self-hydrated and I also look at food labels which I would have never done before".

Over the festive period she aims to maintain her weight, and then set a final goal to reach in the new year.

And what a lovely way to bring this post to a finish - Alice states: "You must be true to yourself whilst doing Lean Queens otherwise it just won’t work." "Kerry and Sarah are brilliant with their feedback and are always there to help you if you need it. Thank you"

Lean Queens Online is NOT a fad diet. It is simple, and aims to inform you of a long-term good eating and exercise regime; so that you can achieve your goal and then continue with a changed lifestyle to that you can move forward with.

Alice, thank you. You are a perfect example of how we can all reach our goals, whatever they may be. Have a great Christmas... we are SO looking forward to 2018!!!!!!!

ALL our love, Sarah & Kerrie xxx

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